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Postgres Config Changes: 14 to 15

Select two versions of Postgres to see the differences between their  postgresql.conf  parameters and defaults. Parameters that remain the same in both versions are not displayed.

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Updated Parameters

Category Description Changed: history_url
hash_mem_multiplier Resource Usage / Memory Multiple of work_mem to use for hash tables. Default value: 1 -> 2
log_autovacuum_min_duration Reporting and Logging / What to Log Sets the minimum execution time above which autovacuum actions will be logged. Default value: -1 -> 600000
log_checkpoints Reporting and Logging / What to Log Logs each checkpoint. Default value: off -> on
shared_buffers Resource Usage / Memory Sets the number of shared memory buffers used by the server. Default value: 1024 -> 16384
wal_compression Write-Ahead Log / Settings Compresses full-page writes written in WAL file with specified method. Variable type: bool -> enum

New Parameters

Category Description Default Value Var Type Enum Values history_url
archive_library Write-Ahead Log / Archiving Sets the library that will be called to archive a WAL file. string None
log_startup_progress_interval Reporting and Logging / When to Log Time between progress updates for long-running startup operations. 10000 ms integer None
recovery_prefetch Write-Ahead Log / Recovery Prefetch referenced blocks during recovery. try enum [off, on, try]
recursive_worktable_factor Query Tuning / Other Planner Options Sets the planner's estimate of the average size of a recursive query's working table. 10 real None
stats_fetch_consistency Statistics / Cumulative Query and Index Statistics Sets the consistency of accesses to statistics data. cache enum [none, cache, snapshot]
wal_decode_buffer_size Write-Ahead Log / Recovery Buffer size for reading ahead in the WAL during recovery. 524288 B integer None

Removed Parameters

Category Description Default Value Var Type Enum Values history_url
stats_temp_directory Statistics / Query and Index Statistics Collector Writes temporary statistics files to the specified directory. pg_stat_tmp string None