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Postgres Config Changes: 9.6 to 12

Select two versions of Postgres to see the differences between their  postgresql.conf  parameters and defaults. Parameters that remain the same in both versions are not displayed.

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parameter 9.6 12 history
password_encryption on md5
wal_level minimal replica
max_wal_senders 0 10
hot_standby off on
log_directory 'pg_log' 'log'
log_line_prefix '' '%m [%p] '
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay 20ms 2ms
extra_float_digits 0 1
default_with_oids off NaN
sql_inheritance on NaN
max_replication_slots 0 10
replacement_sort_tuples 150000 NaN
max_parallel_workers_per_gather 0 2
min_parallel_relation_size 8MB NaN
ssl_dh_params_file NaN ''
max_parallel_workers NaN 8
max_logical_replication_workers NaN 4
max_sync_workers_per_subscription NaN 2
min_parallel_table_scan_size NaN 8MB
min_parallel_index_scan_size NaN 512kB
max_pred_locks_per_relation NaN -2
max_pred_locks_per_page NaN 2
ssl_passphrase_command NaN ''
ssl_passphrase_command_supports_reload NaN off
max_parallel_maintenance_workers NaN 2
parallel_leader_participation NaN on
enable_parallel_append NaN on
enable_partitionwise_join NaN off
enable_partitionwise_aggregate NaN off
enable_parallel_hash NaN on
enable_partition_pruning NaN on
jit_above_cost NaN 100000
jit_inline_above_cost NaN 500000
jit_optimize_above_cost NaN 500000
jit NaN on
vacuum_cleanup_index_scale_factor NaN 0.1
jit_provider NaN 'llvmjit'
tcp_user_timeout NaN 0
ssl_min_protocol_version NaN 'TLSv1'
ssl_max_protocol_version NaN ''
shared_memory_type NaN mmap
wal_init_zero NaN on
wal_recycle NaN on
restore_command NaN ''
archive_cleanup_command NaN ''
recovery_end_command NaN ''
recovery_target NaN ''
recovery_target_name NaN ''
recovery_target_time NaN ''
recovery_target_xid NaN ''
recovery_target_lsn NaN ''
recovery_target_inclusive NaN on
recovery_target_timeline NaN 'latest'
recovery_target_action NaN 'pause'
primary_conninfo NaN ''
primary_slot_name NaN ''
promote_trigger_file NaN ''
recovery_min_apply_delay NaN 0
plan_cache_mode NaN auto
log_transaction_sample_rate NaN 0.0
default_table_access_method NaN 'heap'