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Postgres Config Changes: 15 to 16

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Updated Parameters

Category Description Changed: history_url

New Parameters

Category Description Default Value Var Type Enum Values history_url
createrole_self_grant Client Connection Defaults / Statement Behavior Sets whether a CREATEROLE user automatically grants the role to themselves, and with which options. string None
debug_io_direct Developer Options Use direct I/O for file access. string None
debug_logical_replication_streaming Developer Options Forces immediate streaming or serialization of changes in large transactions. buffered enum [buffered, immediate]
debug_parallel_query Developer Options Forces the planner's use parallel query nodes. off enum [off, on, regress]
enable_presorted_aggregate Query Tuning / Planner Method Configuration Enables the planner's ability to produce plans that provide presorted input for ORDER BY / DISTINCT aggregate functions. on bool None
gss_accept_delegation Connections and Authentication / Authentication Sets whether GSSAPI delegation should be accepted from the client. off bool None
icu_validation_level Client Connection Defaults / Locale and Formatting Log level for reporting invalid ICU locale strings. warning enum [disabled, debug5, debug4, debug3, debug2, debug1, log, notice, warning, error]
max_parallel_apply_workers_per_subscription Replication / Subscribers Maximum number of parallel apply workers per subscription. 2 integer None
reserved_connections Connections and Authentication / Connection Settings Sets the number of connection slots reserved for roles with privileges of pg_use_reserved_connections. 0 integer None
scram_iterations Connections and Authentication / Authentication Sets the iteration count for SCRAM secret generation. 4096 integer None
send_abort_for_crash Developer Options Send SIGABRT not SIGQUIT to child processes after backend crash. off bool None
send_abort_for_kill Developer Options Send SIGABRT not SIGKILL to stuck child processes. off bool None
vacuum_buffer_usage_limit Resource Usage / Memory Sets the buffer pool size for VACUUM, ANALYZE, and autovacuum. 256 kB integer None

Removed Parameters

Category Description Default Value Var Type Enum Values history_url
force_parallel_mode Developer Options Forces use of parallel query facilities. off enum [off, on, regress]
promote_trigger_file Replication / Standby Servers Specifies a file name whose presence ends recovery in the standby. string None
vacuum_defer_cleanup_age Replication / Primary Server Number of transactions by which VACUUM and HOT cleanup should be deferred, if any. 0 integer None